New Book Release – Hubris

I am proud to announce the newly released first book Hubris from my latest series – The Siren Tragedies.

“The orders Alexandros gave his youngest daughter were simple—retrieve something lost to him and kill those who laid eyes on it.

The consequences, however, are much more burdensome. With the threat of a purge of humanity and the destruction of everything that Telese and the other Sirens have sought to uphold for billions of years, her job—and possibly her very life—are nearing a violent end. As her father furthers a dark agenda that is shrouded in secrecy from even the Sirens, Telese must choose: allow him to control their fate to the bitter, inevitable finale, or fight back.

Enlisting the help of the self-serving Dark World along with the weakening Light World amidst their eternal war and convincing the fearful Sirens to rebel against the man who has threatened them with torture and death their entire lives are only the beginning. To save the Sirens and humans from his veiled intentions, she must stop Alexandros, himself. But how do you stop the one who writes the rules for all of existence?”


You can purchase book one of the series on AmazonAmazon Button (via NiftyButtons.com)

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