Table of Contents

Table of Contents

This blog is an ongoing resource for writing tips, inspiration and special topics of interest for fantasy and sci-fi writers. Knowing that searching a blog for a specific topic can be frustrating,  all blog entries are listed below for your convenience. All links open a new tab. If you have any topics that you would like to see covered, let me know in the comment section below.

Character Building:

She Said What? Writing Great Dialogue

ConTEXT is Important: A Simple Trick to Strengthen Your Character’s Unique Voice

All Made Out of Ticky-Tacky: Ways to Kill Character Development

World Building:

Who Takes Out the Trash? A Guide to Writing Three-Dimensional Worlds

Treasure Hunt! 5 Things to Know About Researching for Your Novel

Uncharted: More Tips to Build Your World


The Morrigan (Ireland)

Set (Egypt)

General Writing Tips:

I Hate My Writing: Tips to Rekindle the Inspiration to Finish Your Novel

Plan Ahead or Live Dangerously: When to Prewrite and When to Wing It

The Victor Hugo Folly: What Is Too Much Description?

It’s All Been Done Before: From Premise to Plot

The End: How to Finish Your Book

Pausing the Story: A Warning on Info Dumps

Special Topics:

Goggles and Gears! 5 Tips for Writing Steampunk

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary: 5 Tips for Writing Gothic Stories

Abandon Hope: Tips for Writing a Dystopian Novel

Ask Me Anything

Writing Contests and Submission Opportunities

Writing Submission That Pays: Clarkesworld Magazine

#Indiecember Challenge

Write of Passion Literary Journal

#Indiecember Challenge 2019

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