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Writing Submission That Pays: Clarkesworld Magazine

When looking for some chances at making a few extra dollars, I came across this magazine call for sci-fi and fantasy stories.

I did some research, and Clarkesworld Magazine adds up to everything they say they’ve accomplished. The submission guidelines are laid out pretty clearly, the pay is more than generous (hitting their word max would earn about USD $1380) and they’re very upfront about their rights and usage. They have a list of plots that they generally reject, assumedly because they’re inundated with these plots. It doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room, but it’s a great excuse to expand on your creativity and try something out of your comfort zone if your preferred plot is listed. If your story is accepted, you can point out that your story was hosted on a Hugo Award Winning Website, which is pretty impressive. It also seems that the stories, themselves, are often nominated for awards.

When I find submissions that I can verify to satisfaction, I’ll post them here, as well. Every chance helps an author.


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