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#Indiecember Challenge


If you are familiar with the goings-on on Twitter, you may have seen #indiecember floating around. This is a challenge set up by user @_Megan_Tennant as a sort of bingo card for stories you’ve read by independent authors.

The rules are simple: mark off a bingo spot for every qualified book by an independent or self-published author that you read. You can either do the traditional, one-line style bingo (in which the book you read can only count for one space) or cover the board (in which the book you read can count for multiple spaces).







As a self-published author, I believe in absolutely anything that gets the word out for writers struggling to compete with traditionally published authors. On my own Twitter account, I asked for people to give me their books that would qualify. Below is just a small list. I’ll be adding to it, but I wanted to get it up for the first week of December to give any potential readers time.


Hubris (The Siren Tragedies Book 1)
Sarah V. Hines

The orders Alexandros gave his youngest daughter seemed simple—retrieve something lost to him and kill those who laid eyes on it.

With the threat of a purge of humanity, however, Telese knows her job—and possibly her very life—are nearing a violent finish. As her father furthers an agenda shrouded in secrecy from even her fellow Sirens, there are only two choices: allow him to decide her fate or fight back.

Now, Telese must defy every rule she has sought to uphold and illuminate a hidden world of enchantment for the very human whose life she is ordered to end. She must unite enemies caught in eternal war and convince her sisters and nieces to oppose the man that punishes disobedience with torture and death to save lives so tightly entwined. In a world controlled by powerful magic, malicious alliances and insidious intentions, however, how do you challenge the one who writes the rules?

Read Hubris Here

Shadow Play: Ten Tales from the In-between
Sarina Dahlan

At first glance the characters may appear unrelated: A girl living with a silent grandmother in World War II-era Bangkok, a septuagenarian writing his memoir in upstate New York, a kampong witch doctor, the residents of a rundown hotel in the Tenderloin district, lost souls in Central Park. Yet, they are all connected by a karmic web across time.

By turns unexpected, funny, heartbreaking, and horrifying, this debut collection is an excursion into the strange and the magical hidden in the mundane. A fusion of the realistic and the supernatural that explores the concept of self by those stuck in-between.

Read Shadow Play Here

Merona Grant and the Lost Tomb of Golgotha
Brina Williamson

After a job turns sour, a treasure-hunting mercenary is left out of dough and sporting a shiny black eye. In other words, just another day in the life of 1930s adventuress Merona Grant.

When presented with an opportunity for adventure and, more importantly, cash, Merona takes up the offer to follow a coded map and hunt down Judas Iscariot’s infamous thirty pieces of silver. The only caveat? Babysitting the expedition’s financier: an elderly, thrill-seeking aristocrat with a propensity for attracting trouble.

A ragtag team is assembled, complete with a loyal dog, a stalwart pilot, a poised linguist, and a fusspot physician. But when a hail of bullets threatens their quest before departure, it becomes blindingly clear that ancient puzzles and booby-traps will be the least of their worries, as cultists, curses, and undead hordes begin to rear their ugly heads.

Why can’t quests for ancient treasure ever just be simple?

Read Merona Grant and the Lost Tomb of Golgotha Here

OverRuled (The OverRuled Series Book 1)
Brittney Joy

Princess. Royal. Prisoner. Jade is the heir to the throne, but her mother, the Queen, isn’t willing to give up her title– ever. Queen Katrina doesn’t see her daughter as her legacy, but as a threat that has to be stopped. Jade has never left the palace, and is trapped inside its boundaries… but she wonders if the walls are meant to keep her safe, or keep her imprisoned.

Peasant. Pauper. Savior. Nova left the Kingdom of Sterling before she could crawl– now that she’s returned with her father to rescue her orphaned cousin, it’s nothing short of a nightmare. Magic is used to control the people, and the monarchy is a dictatorship. Within the kingdom, Nova is hunted for a power she doesn’t even know she has… yet.

One boy will intertwine their lives– or tear them apart. Chael is the secretive and handsome royal guard that might have the answers to save both girls, but he’s hiding something dark. An ally with questionable motives, both Nova and Jade have no choice but to trust Chael… and to fall for him.

But the lengths the Queen will employ to secure her crown are unforgivable. In the Kingdom of Sterling, the only thing more powerful than betrayal is magic.

Read OverRuled Here

Prophecy of Three: Book one of The Starseed Trilogy
Ashley McLeo

Lily thought growing up in a hippie commune meant her life was odd.

But that’s nothing, compared to learning she’s a descendant of the McKay clan, a renown Irish witching family. Or that she’s one of three witches fated to save humanity from an ancient, devious magical race. A race guilty of starting countless witch hunts and committing hundreds of murders in history—all because they were searching for the fated three.

Lily’s knee-jerk reaction is to run screaming back to what is known and easy, but once she gets her first taste of magic everything changes. Nothing has ever felt more real or right.

She’s hooked.

Despite the promise of danger, Lily throws herself into her magical education in hopes of holding off the barbaric magical race threatening to destroy the world as she knows it.

Because the McKay witches have the upper hand for now, but something tells Lily that won’t last long.

Read Prophecy of Three Here

Secrets of PEACE
T.A. Hernandez
Open your eyes. See the truth. Make a choice.

After a devastating global war left America in ruins, the authoritarian PEACE Project rose to power, providing safety and stability in exchange for absolute control over citizen’s lives.

Raised in the Project since infancy, assassin Zira is proud of her role in protecting society from threats to their peace and stability. She has always worked better alone, but after making a careless mistake on an assignment, she’s forced to work with Jared, the best operative in her unit.

When misinformation causes a mission to backfire, Zira’s deepest loyalties and strongest relationships are tested in a place where even a hint of doubt can be perceived as treason.

Read Secrets of PEACE Here

Long Grows the Dark
Catherine Labadie

“Magic was born in the Land, and those who govern the Land must rule by blood and by Fate’s will.”


Glenna, court sorceress in the service of Princess Jael, struggles to hide her feelings for her best friend’s betrothed. Yet even as the realm approaches its golden age, an unforeseen enemy rises to corrupt the princess and take the land for himself. Fate may lead them down a path too painful to contemplate, but are Glenna’s choices enough to dispel the inevitable darkness set to veil their future?


Gwendoline Hallewell, a Starford University student in a world where magic is commonplace, has always been unusual. When her casting book summons a man from the past to interfere with her dangerous new present, she has no choice but to trust him. As she and her friends Colt and Everleigh reconcile what happened before with what must happen in the present. Gwendoline must decide what it means to make her own choices, suffer her own consequences, and if free will is really within her grasp.

Read Long Grows the Dark Here

Child of the Kaites (The Firstborn’s Legacy Book 1)
Beth Wangler
Her parents named her “Cursed,” for that’s what her people are: trapped in brutal slavery, toiling under the Izyphorn sun, forced to watch their infants die. The kaites gave her a new name: Raiballeon, “Leader of a Revolt.” At ten, Rai thought that meant she would lead Maraiah to freedom.

Eighteen-year-old Rai knows differently. As an exile hiding her heritage, Rai has resigned herself to a quiet life recording the Histories. After all, going up against Izyphor alone would mean certain death.

Reuniting with a childhood love and meeting an enigmatic stranger forces Rai to reexamine her calling. Can she rise up against her own fears, the most powerful nation in the world, and the evil spirits bent on annihilating any opposition? Is she destined to be a great warrior or an historian–or are those the same thing?

Read Child of the Kaites Here

Stars Like Fate
Brie. Farmer

The stars have always watched over the realms, though none have ever intervened after that first fateful encounter that gave magic to the world. Or so all had thought.

King Nyole’s kingdom of Asha soon becomes ensnared in another kingdom’s coils. Instead of resisting their control and risking the lives of the Wrynush people, Nyole chooses to protect Asha at the expense of himself. He works for the kingdom’s ruler as their personal royal mage. When the prospect of his kingdoms immunity is up for grabs, Nyole takes the opportunity. His new job: to find where the last Cerassan Princess hid the key that locked away her magic.

Nyole faces princess Saphryis, a woman shrouded in forgotten history and whose path from the star of fate is so tangled, Nyole begins to doubt everything he was taught about the red star his family so proudly follows. He soon discovers that his family’s dark secrets have tied Saphryis and Nyole’s fates together and faces the consequence of knowing a history he may have never wanted to know.

Read Stars Like Fate Here

Rooted: A Poetry Collection
Cassandra Chaput

Rooted is a collection of poetry with focus on mental health, love and heartbreak, self-improvement, and self-love. Trees are resilient, with roots buried deep beneath the soil, feeding them nutrients and helping them grow. You are rooted. Stand strong against the winds that try to tear you down.

Read Rooted Here

Voyage to the Heart: The Nature of Love (Unified Love, Book 1)
Cameron Macdonald

Love is all around us. 

Through great films and songs, this thoughtful and warm book shares the secrets of love. 

Voyage to the Heart shows that all loving relationships including romantic, family, friends, pets and many others have a recognizable foundation: lovers value their beloveds where there is commitment and attachment. 

From its foundation discover how relationships work, how and why lovers love and the secret to love’s longevity. 

This unique story of love will give you a refreshing new perspective on love and intimacy.

Read Voyage to the Heart Here


As I said before, these are just a few of the books brought to my attention. I will be adding to the list throughout December. However, please, feel free to link to your book or an indy/self-published author that you particularly enjoy in the comments section below!

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  1. Hi there Sarah,

    I’d love to add my book to the list of books by indie-authors for this years Indiecember Challenge. How can I go about that, please?

    The categories would include: Published in 2018, 5-10 Amazon Reviews, Red on Cover, Gift an Indie Book, Self-help or Learning and Cover Buy. If added, I can reduce the kindle price to 99c for December to support this cause.

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