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New Submission Opportunity: Write Of Passion Literary Journal



There’s a new literary journal that focuses entirely around self-published and indie-published authors, and the first issue is coming out May 1st, 2019!

Write of Passion offers writing and publishing advice, highlights from writers’ works and achievements and features stories by new authors based on a different genre each month. The May 1st issue’s genre is Fantasy, and it will include a short story by yours truly that revolves around a young Telese, from Hubris, and the events that led to the sinking of Atlantis. Write of Passion gives readers the opportunity to discover new authors that could very well become their new favorites, as well as perfect their craft and share their own stories.

Write of Passion is more than just a journal, however. Under the new “Balance of Seven” small-press publisher, it also seeks to serve as a community builder for new authors, with events such as online author readings each month. The best part is that the literary journal and the events are all absolutely free to read, submit, view and participate. You can’t go wrong by supporting this new community and journal.

To subscribe to the Write of Passion Literary Journal, click here.

To learn more about Write of Passion, click here.

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