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#Indiecember Challenge 2019


It’s that time again! Started by Megan Tennant last year, the Twitter challenge, #indiecember, is about to kick off starting December 1st. The goal is to read enough books written by independent authors to either fill the board (in which case one book can count for multiple squares) or fill a line (in which case one book can only fill one square). As with last year, I will be compiling a list of eligible books for the challenge and will continue adding to the list throughout the month of December. Below are the authors and their books partaking in this year’s challenge:


Sarah V. Hines: Hubris – Book One of the Siren Tragedies
In order to save humans and Sirens alike from their impending demise, Telese must take on the man that has tortured and threatened her since she was born — her own father, Alexandros. But how do you challenge the one who controls the entire game?
Fills Magical, Mythology Inspired, 0-9 Reviews, White and Blue, Green

Francis Williams: Honor – A Dark Age Historical Fiction Novel
After the fall of the Roman province of Brittania, a lone Roman auxiliary, Hall, and his son, Drystan, must find security and prosperity for a struggling land. With threats of conquests organizing from all around them, however, success is not so certain.
Fills Released 2019, Gold or Silver, Mythology Inspired, 0-9 Reviews

Armarna Forbes: Dead Remnants
When a threat looming over the dead and the living is exposed, a ghost teenager has to race across the Wild West afterlife, phantom posse in tow, to save her friend and the world.
Fills Released 2019, Gold or Silver, Magical, Friends of Rudolph, Nightmare Before Xmas, Mystery or Thriller, 0-9 Reviews, White and Blue, Green

M.L. Mackworth-Praed: The Future King – Logres
In 2024, Gwenhwyfar finds herself in love with two boys from her high school: Arthur and Lancelot. However, she soon finds herself on a path much more dangerous than high-school romance: upon discovering the cruelty that the prosperous UK is built upon, she must dismantle her all-powerful government to stop it.
Fills 10-29 Reviews, Mythology Inspired, Dystopia or Post-Apocalyptic, Over 500 Pages, Red

Lila Mina: Temper – Deference
Three souls brought together by Fate, a dark passion rooted in deadly curses and a boundless love so powerful, even the Gods bow to it.
Fills 30-60 Reviews, Released in 2019, Non-Western Inspired, Naughty

Ophelia Rue: My Summer Friend
Upon inheriting his childhood home, Ed Grey waits for the chance to reunite with his childhood crush, Elise. When she falls in love with the caricature of himself that he has created, Ed finds himself tangled in a web of lies until he finds the small, metal box and discovers its secrets.
Fills Red, Novella or Poetry, Contemporary, Mystery or Thriller, 0-9 Reviews

Catherine Labadie: Turn of the Wheel
A reluctant betrothal. An orchard that isn’t what it seems. The seasons march forward and faery magic lingers in the air…
Fills Red, Released 2019, Gold or Silver, Magical, Mistletoe, 0-9 Reviews, White and Blue, Over 500 Pages, Green

Forest Wells: Luna, The Lone Wolf
Upon being pushed out of his pack for a crime he did not commit, Luna has resigned himself to his fate as a lone wolf. When befriended by an unlikely group, however, Luna finds one more chance to regain his future as alpha, provided he can live through the challenges he must face.
Fills Released in 2019, 0-9 Reviews, Friends of Rudolph, White and Blue

Sheela Kean: Sleep Walkers
Finnlee Porter is plagued by shadows that visit her as she falls asleep. When visited by a strange man, however, she finds out that there is danger lurking in the darkness and that survival may depend on her new, mysterious friend.
Fills 0-9 Reviews, Released 2019, Novella or Poetry, Gold or Silver, Nightmare Before Xmas, Mystery or Thriller

Brina Williamson: There Arose Such a Clatter – A Housewife Detective Mystery Novelette
It’s Christmas in Canada, and Charles and Amelia Humble are enjoying a long-overdue visit with family. Apple pie, candy cane brownies, and snowball fights are all on the agenda this winter vacation. But when a young woman rushes into the snowy streets crying, “Murder! Murder!”, Amelia insists that solving this locked room mystery, of the local miser’s slaying, be added to the Humbles’ list of holiday festivities.
Fills Red, Jolly, Mystery or Thriller, 0-9 Reviews

(Note: Brina Williamson has multiple books that qualify for Indiecember. If you enjoy There Arose Such a Clatter, you can check out her author page for more reads by clicking her name under the title.)

Again, this list will be updated throughout the month as I find more authors and their books to add. If you have any suggestions or want your book added to the list, leave a comment below!


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