Table of Contents

Table of Contents

This blog is an ongoing resource for writing tips, inspiration and special topics of interest for fantasy and sci-fi writers. Knowing that searching a blog for a specific topic can be frustrating,  all blog entries are listed below for your convenience. All links open a new tab. If you have any topics that you would… Continue reading Table of Contents

Writing Submissions

#Indiecember Challenge 2019

It's that time again! Started by Megan Tennant last year, the Twitter challenge, #indiecember, is about to kick off starting December 1st. The goal is to read enough books written by independent authors to either fill the board (in which case one book can count for multiple squares) or fill a line (in which case… Continue reading #Indiecember Challenge 2019

Special Topics

Ask Me Anything

For this week's blog post, I'm opening things up to questions: questions about writing, about my books or about life in general. (Pro tip: I would not seek my advice about life in general if I were you.) Ask below in the comments any safe-for-work question you may have and I'll answer it. Enjoy!

Writing Submissions

New Submission Opportunity: Write Of Passion Literary Journal

  There's a new literary journal that focuses entirely around self-published and indie-published authors, and the first issue is coming out May 1st, 2019! Write of Passion offers writing and publishing advice, highlights from writers' works and achievements and features stories by new authors based on a different genre each month. The May 1st issue's… Continue reading New Submission Opportunity: Write Of Passion Literary Journal

General Writing Tips

It’s All Been Done Before: From Premise to Plot

  Writing is a frustrating thing. You start on a topic that you're really excited about, do the research, create the characters and get to work, until one day, that new book or movie advertisement showcases a story nearly like your own. Now what? People are going to think you copied the plot? People won't… Continue reading It’s All Been Done Before: From Premise to Plot