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The orders Alexandros gave his youngest daughter seemed simple—retrieve something lost to him and kill those who laid eyes on it.

With the threat of a purge of humanity, however, Telese knows her job—and possibly her very life—are nearing a violent finish. As her father furthers an agenda shrouded in secrecy from even her fellow Sirens, there are only two choices: allow him to decide her fate or fight back.

Now, Telese must defy every rule she has sought to uphold and illuminate a hidden world of enchantment for the very human whose life she is ordered to end. She must unite enemies caught in eternal war and convince her sisters and nieces to oppose the man that punishes disobedience with torture and death to save lives so tightly entwined. In a world controlled by powerful magic, malicious alliances and insidious intentions, however, how do you challenge the one who writes the rules?



Write of Passion’s May 2019 Issue (Atlantis: Telese’s Story)